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PCB Fabrication

Argus Systems is leading provider of professional high quality multi-layered Rigid, Flexible, Flexi Rigid, Metal Core and PTFE Teflon Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) for Avionics, defense, Medical, Instrumentation and commercial applications.

Argus technical expertise enables PCB Fabrication at competitive prices.We specialize in different types of printed circuit boards including multi-layer Rigid PCB, Flexible PCB, rigid flex PCB and metal core PCB.

Our Printed Circuit Boards capabilities supports high frequency PCB, High temperature Boards, Thick PCB, ultra-thin PCB, heavy copper PCB, Metal Core PCB, HDI boards with Blind/Buried Vias, Embedded passives, bonded heatsink, Impedance Control, Depth control drilling, Backdrilling, Edge Plated PCB, Bump Pads, cavity with ledge, Via on pad and stacked micro-Via technology.

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Products Include

Our professional team of experts in India, USA and UK are available via phone or email for your consultation on any of PCB fabrication requirements.

Laminate Material RoHS Material Conductor Finishes
Glass Epoxy (FR4 Tg 140/170/180) Isola IS410, 185HR, 370HR Solder with reflow
Composite (CEM-1) Megtron6 White Tin
GETEK ITEQ IT-180A Selective/all body Electroplated Nickel and Gold
High Frequency Laminates ARLON Electroless Nickel and Immersion Gold (ENIG)
PTFE Laminates NELCO Immersion Silver
Metal Base copper Clad Laminates ROGERS Bare Copper/ Entek (OSP Plating)
PTFE DS-multilayer Hybrid Halogen Free Lead Free HASL
Polyimide Board Size : upto 28”x38”,Number of Layer :upto 36 Conductive Carbon Printing and peelable Mask