Fiber Bragg Grating Interrogation system

Argus systems has designed and developed Fiber bragg grating interrogation system which is used by CGCRI, a government institute.

Fiber bragg grating interrogation system Specifications:

  • The most straightforward means for interrogation of a FBG sensor element is to illuminate the FBG sensor (s) by broadband source & the narrowband component reflected by the FBG is directed to the wavelength detection system.
  • CCD is illuminated by the optical signals reflected by the FBGs.
  • This implementation supports 8 CCDs.
  • CCD sensor using Argus developed FPGA controller board.
  • The FPGA used for the control of CCD processor is Xilinx FPGA -- XC3SD1800A-4CSG484C.TI CC2540F256 based solution.
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Fiber bragg grating interrogation system Hardware Specifications:

  • Agiltron 1x8 Latching Fiber optic Switch (MEMS Latch)
  • InGaAs linear image sensor (Hamamatsu)
  • Image Signal Processor (AD9826)
  • Field Programmable Gate Array Logic (FPGA)
  • Programmable system on chip PSoC5LP)
  • SRAM Memory Unit for data storage
  • System Clock 25MHz
  • Single Power supply (9V, ~300mA)

Fbg interrogation system key Features:

  • Used for detecting the narrow band signal from a broad band source i.e. of infrared rays & near visible signals.
  • Supports protocols such as UART, USB, FLASH
  • Synchronous Design
  • System clock speed used is 25 MHz.
  • Design is implemented using Verilog HDL

Fiber bragg grating (FPG) interrogation system Advantages:

  • Silicon Proven on Xilinx FPGA Spartan-3A DSP (XC3SD1800A-4CSG484C) using ISE 14.3 and higher versions
  • The spartan-3A DSP FPGA combined with proven 90nm process technology which delivers more functionality and bandwidth.
  • Set up is handy to carry and even give accurate results in sampling the CCD waveform
  • Customizable with easy integration
  • Gate count is approximately 1150 logic cells


  • Synthesized net list
  • Sample verification test bench
  • IP documentation