Electronic Manufacturing

Component Engineering

Argus is a Leading electronic components supplier addressing all type of applications and supplying to Electronic manufacturing industries, Public Sector Companies, R&D and educational Institutions. We are an independent distributes and add value to a range of products from some of the world's best-known manufacturers.

At Argus we differentiate ourselves by promoting a wide range of industrial and commercial grade products from best known manufactures, coupled with an extensive applications engineering support. Supported by global trading partners we can offer immediate delivery of wide range of products at the best available prices.

construction service

Products Include

BOM Analysis/Risk Assessment

  • Pricing
  • Lead Time
  • Environmental compliance (ROHS/WEEE)
  • Material Declaration
  • Lead Finish
  • Soldering Profile
  • Whisker data
  • PCN/PDN Management

Obsolescence Solutions, Part lifecycle management

Alternate Part/substitute Selection.

Qualification of Alternate Components.

Device Up Screening:

  • Electrical test
  • Burn in Test
  • Environmental Test
  • Root cause failure analysis

Support on Reliability, Thermal and Packaging information.

Procurement technical support.

Parts management: military and commercial systems.

Supplier Quality Auditing and Engineering.